I wanted to highlight some of the cool reviews Sick has received thus far!

Somnambulist (http://somnambulistzine.blogspot.com/2009/10/zine-review-sick.html)

"I have read and re-read "Sick- A compilation zine on physical illness" and each time I do, I get new things out of it..... I highly recommend this zine for those struggling with physical illness and for anyone who has a friend or loved one who is sick.... There is a bunch of other really great stuff in the zine. Several pieces deal with how to treat yourself when you're sick, others address how to be a good friend to someone with an illness. So please if you have even a marginal interest in the topic, if you know someone who is sick, or if you yourself are sick, buy this zine!!"


"Everyone needs to get their hands on this zine immediately. This compilation of nineteen people’s experiences with physical illness confronts issues of support and care within radical and DIY communities, as well as issues of silencing and secrecy, as productive dialogue about illness rarely has a space to exist amidst raucous punk shows and frenzied activist organizing. This zine is immensely important not only for those who experience physical illness, but also for those who have never had to deal with such issues, as the contributors provide powerful insight into the ways in which those with illnesses cope within our communities, as well as, tangible ways of supporting people, and advice for navigating the health care system. The writings reflect on an extensive range of physical illnesses, from kidney disease and degenerative disc disease, to Crohn’s and Lyme disease, and they also point to the monumental variety of emotions, from isolation to hopelessness, that people are forced to deal with. Sick provides a space for the voices that have been silenced in our communities to emerge, and it is an invaluable resource for those who experience physical illness and their allies."

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