I just wanted to call attention to the various distros/distributors who are supporting and carrying Sick. These include some of my favorite zine and book carriers (all the distributors are listed to the right). Some of these have written original and really warm descriptions for the zine. I've copied the description Ciara wrote for her awesome distro, Learning to Leave a Paper Trail, below:

"ben compiled this amazing perfect-bound compzine all about, as you may have guessed while reading the sub-title, physical illness. after being diagnosed with cancer, ben felt alienated by a lot of the mainstream resources available for people dealing with a serious illness. while a lot of books out there are helpful to people, he had a difficult time finding something that spoke to him & his political ideals, which helped shape his approach to his diagnosis. in this vacuum, he decided to create his own resource. this compilation covers a wide spectrum of illnesses (chrohn's disease, kidney failure, chronic migraines, & more), & the contributers approach the topic of illness from a lot of different perspectives. a few contributers are survivors who lost loved ones to chronic illnesses, writing about what they learned about support from their experiences. ben writes a really helpful synopsis of what to do & expect as a patient grappling with a new diagnosis. a lot of folks write about the isolation they felt from friends & community after they found out they were sick. others write about the struggle of being physically different from their peers--unable to eat the same foods, unable to physically exert themselves the same way. this is a very text-heavy but compulsively readable offering, sprinkled with illustrations by fly & old-fashioned anatomical drawings. crucial reading."

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